Feedback zur Winntersonnenwende-Schwitzhütte

Wir haben am 21.12.2019 eine kraftvolle und bewegende Schwitzhütte erlebt. Einen ersten Eindruck einer Teilnehmerin kannst du hier lesen.
„I found the weekend pretty incredible. It’s absolutely amazing what transformed with a period of 24 hours. I feel very soft and also very tired- but in a good way. I feel that there is something working within me and I’m just feeling into it, not analyzing it or thinking about it- just being with what is there and acknowledging it. For me, there was a very powerful shift that happened over the weekend, a shift that I have been wanting to occur but didn’t know how to get there. Thank you for opening up the room for the possibility to allow this shift to occur and holding a safe space to allow the process to happen. This is so valuable and so special to me.
I admire very much the work that you do and they way that you do it. It’s very real, honest and grounded. You are a leader and also a part of the group- also on a path and with your own process. I rarely encounter teachers who don’t put themselves above the students and I find that special about you. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. There is a lot of powerful magic and energy within it. This was one of the most powerful sweatlodges I have ever been to and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been there. I am also so glad that the call to action was greater than my mind. It was and is profound and I am looking forward to see how I transform from this. There is fear before me, but I am willing to walk with it.“

Amie, 45 Jahre, Yogalehrerin, Outdoor-and Wildernessteacher, NaturCoach, München

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